About Me




I am a father and a husband who has been through a lot of challenges. The success of getting this far has inspired me to share my story, interests and life experiences with you.  I hope that I may help you along your way, and of course have some fun on this adventure through life.

My four children keep me on my toes and since were broke it becomes comical at times at the things we do to entertain ourselves as well as enlightenting for the littles imaginations.  I don’t get to see three of my children a lot so we try and pack as much into my weekends as we can.

If you stay tuned to see what happens here you will notice my infatuation with tutorials, allow me to allaburate on why?  I am a sucker for knowing how things are supposed to be done as well as how things work. Now in my adventure to become the worlds smartest dad I do a lot of research on random stuff and sometimes I dont find exactly what I was looking for so figured I would educate myself and creat some videos for you to learn from.

My interests & More

Christianity  .  Fatherhood . Outdoors .  Photography  .  Organizing

How to anything  .  Manliness  .  Food  .  Free Stuff  .  Good old days

If you have not found exactly what your looking for in your research, let me know and I will find it for you or I will make it for you.



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